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The My Best Project

Community wide, we can bridge the gap to ensure a brighter future for the next generation here in the Virgin Islands.
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AMG is spearheading “The My Best Project” equipping the students in the VI first with school supplies to help them excel in the classroom...


  • Former USVI governor arrested on embezzlement charges
    ST THOMAS, USVI -- The former governor of the US Virgin Islands was arrested on Tuesday morning on two felony counts of alleged financial improprieties in relation to widely publicized security improvements on his house in 2007. John deJongh was arrested by USVI authorities...

Caribbean News

  • Caribbean-Nigeria connection expands to St Lucia
    CASTRIES, St Lucia -- Following our article on Monday concerning the reported connection between the 'New face of crime in Nigeria' Alhaji Dahiru Barau Mangal, the owner of Nigerian charter airline MaxAir, and the government of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG)...
  • Airfares to Guyana at an all time high again
    NEW YORK, USA -- Airfares to Guyana are again at an all time high, despite promises by Caribbean Airlines (CAL), which controls over 75 percent of the Guyana market. For at least a year, advance booking summer and Christmas season airfares from New York to Guyana have remained above US$900.
  • Same-sex couple plans Cayman Islands immigration challenge
    GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands (CNS) -- Two gay lawyers resident in the Cayman Islands who are legally married in their respective home countries will be mounting a legal challenge to a local immigration decision that could set the ball rolling for the legitimisation of same-sex unions in the British territory..
  • CARICOM sends election observer mission to Trinidad and Tobago
    PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad -- The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) will send a CARICOM electoral observer mission to monitor the general elections to be held in Trinidad and Tobago on Monday, September 7, 2015. The chief of mission is Orrette Fisher, director of elections, Electoral Commission of Jamaica.
  • Gang of Four has multiple victim complaints pending in the Cayman Islands
    GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands -- While the recent disclosures in Canada that the company behind the $450 million trading scam perpetrated upon Canadian and American investors is Northland Wealth Management, Inc. of Ontario is a major development, the fraudsters who operated the stolen...


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Alma Chat

Myrna - 23:44

They laughed when "The Gipper" Ronald Reagan ran for Governor of California and then President of the United States. He was co-star to a monkey.....OK...never say never

Myrna - 23:29

Religion is man-made. Just like laws are man-made. What matters is what the majority of the people feel is right and just. The Supreme Court does not represent the majority of the people.

Myrna - 23:25

Who are you to say that I cannot marry a child if I am a pedophile and was born this way or I am a dog lover and want to marry my beloved Rover. WE THE PEOPLE...the body politic. That's who.

Myrna - 23:19

kakistocracy[kak-uh-stok-ruh-see] Word Originnoun, plural kakistocracies.1.government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons

Myrna - 23:18

Word of the daykakistocracy[kak-uh-stok-ruh-see] Word Originnoun, plural kakistocracies.1.government by the worst persons; a form of government in wh

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